Web 2.0 Getting Smarter With New Video Search

Video is one of the huge growth areas under web 2.0. It has however had one downside. Search engines have had a lot of trouble delivering results relevant to the search terms used. Even Youtube, the online home of videos, has had trouble delivering relevant search results.

Many of the problems can be associated with the ALT text used to describe a video. A video could be described in the ALT tags as SEO related yet be a piece of pornography – one of the downsides to web 2.0 technology.

The situation may be about to change thanks to a new search technology. VideoSurf is said to be able to view a video frame by frame to try and determine its context. More importantly, when delivering the results, it delivers them with a thumb nail of the relevant videos found.

The search technology is only in closed beta at present (you can request an invitation). When released it may well revolutionize the way we search for videos.

If it is successful, you can guarantee the big three search engines will be lining up to acquire the technology and add it to their search functions. Yahoo! would certainly see it as a way to stay in the search engine race. Google would see it as a final nail in other two coffins. MSN would see this type of acquisition as a means of overtaking Yahoo! to be number two. Web 2.0 will certainly take the next step in development.

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