Live blogging the Otis sanghoki Homegame (wth a Sunday UPDATE)

Good evening from the Otis homegame. We’re trying another Up For sanghoki experiement tonight… I’ll liveblog the game while trying not to lose my ass. Luckily we’re playing small stakes.

Oh, and the prop bets. Otis and theMark have $5 on who goes bust first. Otis took theMark… theMark took Me.

$10 with 4 to 1 odds… Blood will lose to a 2-outer. Otis says he won’t… Blood says he will. TheMark just bought half that action from Blood.

$1 per player into a pool for the first player to win, post-flop, with the hammer.

It’s now 7:39PM…. we’re 6-handed…



Shep Tiltstien





More players coming… this blog is LIVE

7:41 Otit is here… and I won the first hand with TPTK against Mark. The prop bet taunting is firece.

Plus, I’m thinking of going from martinis to beer

7:47 TheMark and I have added another prop bet… I have the 3c and he has the 5d. We’re betting flop, turn, river for increasing stakes

Mark just rebought to replenish his stack. Already.

7:51 PM One prop bet down. Otis just busted theMark on a AhQh6h flop. Otis re-raised all in after theMark led out. TheMark called with a gutty and a Kh. Otis had A pair of Q. Otis wins.

Mark rebuys AGAIN.

7:54 I just flopped a 3c. Mark loses another prop bet. That one continues. I am now moving to red wine in lieu of beer. This will end badly.

7:59 Blood and I are now back to drinking Steins of mid-price petit sirah. Mine is a giant insulated Missouri Tigers mug. Blood is drinking a discovery island mug. He refuses to use the straw and lid.

8:04 Another prop bet. From now on… any time we double someone up, we take shots of tequila. Luckily we’re instituting this rule AFTER I just doubled Shep up.

8:16 Looks like a tequila shot a-coming. Otis is in the tank after the turn… Blood is all in. Board is Ac3s7c2s. Otis calls and mucks. Blood wins with JJ. Otis is enjoying tequila.

8:25 A stein is no way to drink wine. Jesus.

8:26 TheMark just won his first hand vs. Otit. It was a small hand. TheMark likes ’em small.

8:29 Rules change to the prop bet. Now Shep will drink tequila any time ANYONE ELSE drinks any tequila. Shep likes tequila.

8:32 TeamScottSmith is here. He’s drinking a stein of Pinot out of a PokerStars stein. Shep just doubled theMark. He’ll take a shot for that AND a shot because someone (in this case him) took a shot.

8:39 TeamScott just tried to win with the hammer on the turn. I’d like to thank TeamScott for those chips. Still, a good effort.

8:45 Shep just mis-dealt for the 4th consecutive time. Blood had KK that time.

8:48 TheMark just bluffed Blood off a winning hand. Now we’re all singing “Your Vagina” to the tune of “Oh my darlin’ Clementine”

8:54 I just doubled Shep… again. Over pair on flop vs. over over pair on flop. I drank tequila… so did Shep.

Plus, new rule, next person to misdeal slams a Bud Light.

8:58 Blood drinks tequila after doubling Team Scott. Now he’s drooling while yelling, “HOW DO YOU CALL THAT????”

We’re laughing at him.

9:02 TeamScottSmith hits on river. I drink tequila.

9:07 On a five minute break… first picture of the night, titled “Taking a picture so it will last longer.”


9:12 Buckeye Timmy is here. He doesn’t play poker but heard we were drinking and came over. He’s now “official photographer.”

9:16 Stina just won her first pot. Mark, Blood and I are ALL DRINKING TEQUILA. That is, for the record, the first hand back from the break.

9:17 Stina, excited about last hand, misdeals. She’s slamming a Bud Light.

9:26 I’m now blind raising the straddle by 5x. We shall see. 5 callers. The Mark, Otis, Otit, and Blood.

I push on the flop… because I flopped a set. Otis re-pushes.

Otis drinks tequila, WOW.

9:29 Wolverine is here.

9:32 Otit just won his first hand.

9:40 I’m drunk. Blood is drunker.

9:41 Otis and his wife are in some sort of fight over a dog. I hate their dog… it’s a goddamn rat. Plus, we have a tequila showdown. Team Scott forces YET ANOTHER tequila shot. He has theMark crushed and theMark tried to get him to run it twice. It’s a stupid question but it has Team Scott confused. He still declines and so… Mark drinks tequila. Mark rebuys with a thick wad of sequentially numbered bills. That makes the above picture really resonate don’t it?

9:45 Otis has now shifted to tequila for no good goddamn reason.

9:49 3-way all in with Wolverine, TeamScottSmith and Otis.

Plus me and Blood make a side bet with theMark that his hand is good. Wolverine’s set is good and Blood and I win. Scott and Otis meanwhile take shots of tequila.

9:51 You know, it’s now occured to this live blogger that this has nothing to do with poker. I’m hammered. Blood and I are now into a bottle of Merlot. Each stein o’ wine is a 1/2 bottle. For the record, the bottle of tequila is also 1/2 gone. For some reason Mrs. Blood is sitting on theMark’s lap.

9:55 For some reason, Otis is now wearing sunglasses. Here’s the exchange between Mr. Blood and Mrs. Blood.

Mr.: Kris, wiil you go out to my car and get my sunglasses?

Mrs.: No.

Mr.: Otis has some! (in whiny voice)

Mrs.: So? $10 and I’ll get them.

Mr.: Pleeeeeeease? (in VERY whiny voice)

Blood is wearing sunglasses. They’re the Bet Hold ’em glasses we picked up at the 2006 WSOP. We call them “Beth Oldem” glasses.

9:59 Now theMark is wearing sunglasses.

Plus, I’ve just lost a 25 to 1 sidebet with Blood that theMark would ask to raise the stakes by 10pm. He just did so with a minute to spare. FUCK!

10:00 Stina just bluffed Otis off a big hand. She’s good at it because Otis lusts after Stina, who it by the way, Mark’s wife. Otis rebuys… again.

10:08 TheMark not only just won the hammer prop bet… BUT HE ALSO STACKED OTIS. PLUS HE JUST RAKED MY STACK. And I was outside at the time. Now we’re counting chips… paying theMark the prop… and Otis… is drinking tequila.

10:13 I got my chips back. Otis is TILTING like hell. GAME ON.

By the way, now that the “official photog” is here. There are now SOME things that can’t be blogged.

10:20 Wolverine is sober. He has a hell of an advantage. Everyone else is in TROUBLE.

10:25 Misdeal for the Wolverine. Things are looking up.

10:29 Otis makes a 7x raise UTG. Blood raises THAT another 5x. I push for about 3x THAT more. Blood calls. Blood drinks TEQUILA.

10:30 Next hand Blood is all in against Stina. Blood now REFUSES to drink more tequila.

11:06 Otit is UTG, and pushes blind. Mark pushes blind. Otis can see his cards due to lack of blindness and calls… Blood also calls with sight. Otit has AJo. Blood has AQo. Mark has KJo and Otis has Q4H. Winner? Otis.

Shots for a lot of people. This low stakes game is now very very very expensive for some.

11:11 Otis jumps the shark. Blood is now refusing to drink and wants to try and kill everyone at the table. The question is… can he take me AND theMark? I say no. Blood says yes. This makes other people laugh.

11:13 Team Scott misdeals.

11:23 Stay tuned for THIS PICTURE. Blood and TeamScott just went outside and fought… errrr wrestled… whatever. Team Scott won.

12:42(SUNDAY AFTERNOON) Somehow parts of this blog were “edited” overnight. Otis claims ignorance. I suspect the blog fairy. C’est la vie, some things will just disappear.

The game broke up at about 12:30 last night. Blood was in some degree of trouble because of the wrestling thing. I’m not sure what happened there. Otis kept disappearing and eventually I found him sitting in the dark on the bathroom floor.

If I can get Otis to do the upload, I think you’ll really enjoy the pictures… look for the next post with that.

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