Learn About Collecting skyblock coins State Quarters

Do you enjoy collecting skyblock coins items to have a complete set? Do you have a love of history? Do you appreciate how it has made the United States such a great nation? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be interested in collecting state quarters. If you need some added motivation to understand the joy of collecting these quarters, look at the historical value of these quarters to see what treasures these coins really are.

Each quarter was made to display something important for the state that it represents. A good example of this is the statue of Liberty on the back of the New York quarter along with a picture of the state itself. On the other side of the coin is a portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Throughout the series, the coins follow the same format with a design representative of the state on the reverse and the common obverse design featuring Washington.

These coins can be very educational thanks to the landmarks and historical figures that are etched on to each coin. If you look at the complete set of quarters, you will see historical events that have happened over the years and much more on each unique coin. Some events depicted include the historic First Flight, the Crossing of the Delaware, the return of Lewis & Clark, and the joining of the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads.

The State Quarters are a great tribute to the past. Although no one can forget something as important as the Statue being located in New York, the coin still gives people an emotional reaction. It pays tribute to the way that this statue affects immigrants coming to America.

A Brief History Of Liberty Nickels

Liberty nickels were coins that were produced by the US mint between the year 1883 and the year 1913. Although the coin features a relatively simple design, it holds great appeal to coin collectors. On the obverse of the coin there is a Liberty head, and on the reverse is a Roman numeral V positioned within a wreath. This five cent coin was stuck in 75 percent copper and 15 percent nickel in a low relief.

Both the beginning and the end of this coin series were marked by interesting events. The new coin was introduced in January 30, 1883. Almost immediately after its unveiling Mint officials realized that the five million nickels that were already distributed did not have the word ‘cents’ under the V on the coin. This made it easy for scam artists to coat the surface with gold to make them look like five dollar gold pieces. A new variety with the denomination indicated more clearly was created and distributed. However, many people had already been conned by the fake 5 dollar coins, which were actually 5 cent coins. This story has become much recounted within numismatic lore adding to the historical background of the series.

The Liberty Head Nickels were originally produced by the Philadelphia Mint, but in 1912, additional production took place at San Francisco and Denver. This year would become the last of regular production, but that was not the end of the story. Collectors found at least five 1913 Liberty nickels, which were apparently created under surreptitious circumstances. In 2010, one of these nickels sold for around four million dollars, a rather high priced historic oddity.

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