Is Your Website Social Optimized?

With the advances to web design and the scripts that can be included on web pages, if you don’t have a means of interacting with customers or visitors, then perhaps it’s time you did.

There is one big advantage in having a blog, the comments. Your visitors can leave comments, you can respond to them, you are creating a social environment. Other visitors can see the interaction and join in if they choose.

Websites that don’t have a facility for interaction are often at a disadvantage. They don’t have to be. There are a lot of scripts available that enable comments. If you have doubts about comments, you can incorporate a guest book – it’s a little old fashioned these days, but people still use them.

If you are a little adventurous, you can incorporate a small forum. This can be a little time consuming, however once established with regular participants, you can often ring them in as moderators.

Web 2.0 is all about interaction. Web sites now need social optimization to ensure they can participate in the social dialogue that is occurring all around them.

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