Full Tilt Poker’s 289bet Has Begun

The buy-ins may be 1/10th of their big brother’s but the action and prizes don’t suffer. Sure, if you win an event you will get a silver jersey instead of a gold one but the six-figure payday is sure to put those trepidations to rest.

289bet XVII features 6 Rush Poker Events. A Rush Poker Tournament is essentially a poker tournament that drank a Red Bull and a 5 Hour Energy. Besides being fast and furious, they are also a ton of fun. Event #33 is a perfect opportunity to check one out, entry is just $22 and Full Tilt Poker has guaranteed there will be at least a $350,000 prizepool.

Other highlights include the $200+$16 Two-Day Event with a prizepool of at least $600,000. The $70+$5 Main Event is sure to draw a crowd as well. Players will be fighting tooth and nail for a prizepool that is likely to exceed $1,000,000.

MiniFTOPS isn’t all about the cash. We’ll be the first to admit it isn’t all about the bejamins, but it’s safe to say it’s mostly about the benjamins. One of the non-cash perks is a limited-edition MiniFTOPS jacket that will be sent to players who make a final table. You’re going to want to make a lot of final tables because finishing in first place on the MiniFTOPS Leaderbaord will earn you a sweet prize package. The package includes entry to every FTOPS XVIII event, minus the Two-Day Event.

The online poker world has been abuzz with news of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series XVII this month, as over $19,000,000 was given away in prize pools over 34 events. The excitement for tournament players at Full Tilt is far from over, however, with MiniFTOPS XVII set to kick off on September 8 and promising a lot of great prizes and a great deal of fun.

MiniFTOPS is exactly as it sounds, a Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series. Not everyone can afford to shell out for the high entry fees of FTOPS, and not everyone is lucky enough to win their way into events through satellite tournaments. Full Tilt’s solution to this problem is to host a MiniFTOPS shortly after each main series, offering all of the same events but at roughly one tenth the entry fee. This way if you’re a lower stakes tournament grinder you don’t miss out on the action, and if you’re a recreational player not willing to fork over hundreds of dollars to try your hand at poker then MiniFTOPS provides you with a way to share the fun without breaking the bank.

This MiniFTOPS XVII is the biggest yet, and Full Tilt Poker has truly outdone themselves. Of course if you’ve been following recent news you’ll know FTOPS XVII had 34 events and $19,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools and MiniFTOPS XVII stays true to those 34 events at 1/10th the buy-in, but they certainly haven’t reduced the prize pool by such a large amount. Rather there’s an astounding $6,000,000 guaranteed to be up for grabs over the series, including a $1,000,000 guarantee MiniFTOPS Main Event. There are tournaments for everyone, including a two-day tournament for the patient among us and six Rush Poker Tournaments for the, well, not-so-patient.

If tournaments are your game of choice then we have some great reasons for you to sign up at Full Tilt Poker. Of course if you become a member now you’ll be in time for MiniFTOPS XVII, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars Full Tilt puts up for grabs in tournaments anyway, but sign up through our links and enjoy even more action. FlopTurnRiver and Full Tilt Poker will team up to give you a $600 welcome bonus and exclusive entry into FTR freerolls and money-added tournaments hosted each and every month on Full Tilt, boasting $800 in added value. Sign up to Full Tilt through FlopTurnRiver today and enjoy our exclusive rewards and MiniFTOPS XVII!

MiniFTOPS XVII concludes on September 19 so you have a great opportunity to win some big money until then. Good luck!

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