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Free VPN Services to Protect your Privacy


The typical use for a private virtual network or VPN connection is through remote workers of firms, to permit to gain an access to the company’s domestic network when working from the house or other remote places. With VPN in use, workers are capable to access securely the external hard drives, office printer, and files without physically being there.

VPN can also be utilized for personal use, mainly when link outside your home quite often. Hotspots and locations with a free Wi-Fi link is a location where many hackers lurk, waiting to interrupt in another person’s private PC system, either for excitement or to steal sensitive detail that he/she can use.

VPN mask the IP address of individual PCs, making users surf the website anonymously, or access site that are restricted only to one geographic location, such as TV internet channels (HULU, ABC, and NBC) that can be accessed within America. VPN finds a way around these limitations, supporting you be American anywhere in the globe.
In this page, I will show you 7 free VPNs that will save your privacy.



Spotflux is the best way to save and better your online connection as it performs millions of cloud-based true-time calculations and compresses and encrypts your online traffic.

Spotflux runs perfectly in the background of your systems. The app is best for browsing the website whilst linked to public Wi-Fi networks or even if you just want to encrypt and safe your house connection.

Key specs include:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Secure, encrypted and private connection
  • Location selection
  • Safe browsing protection
  • Unrestricted and open access


Cyberghost VPN is a paid and free VPN service that provides a range of services: torrenting or surfing anonymously, unblocking sites and streaming, protecting ones online connection from tampering while using unfamiliar Wi-Fi connections, or even customizing ones setting to do any other VPN job you might dream of.

Cyberhost goes via the complex job of figuring out if and where it can direct you to streaming services, which lots of VPNs cannot do.


VPNBook free VPN service is designed with the new technologies and latest cryptographic techniques to keep you secure on the internet from prying eyes and hackers by perfectly routing all your online traffic via an encrypted tunnel to bypass administration censorship, defeat corporate surveillance and checking by your ISP. VPNBook strives to keep the internet a secure and free location by providing secure and free OpenVPN and PPTP service access for every person.

The 3 main specs of this service are:

  • OpenVPN services and Free PPTP
  • Unblock sites with anonymity
  • Best performance
  • No limitations
  • Smart CDN Fallback
  • Great Encryption


Windscribe is a VPN service with a number of accessible subscription plans ranging from free to top price subscription prices. This service anonymises your online traffic and stops it from being recorded or observed. It is also the best way to get around content limitations for users in a country where online world use is censored. As an included bonus, it also blocks ads.


Hide.me is based in Malaysia and provides free servers in Canada, Singapore, and Netherlands. The free service is limited to 2 GB of data per month and only supports the IPsec, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP protocols.
After some debate a few years ago, in mid-2015, the firm made the decision not to keep any logs. From a privacy perspective, this is a big plus point, if there are no logs, there is nothing for dishonest authorities to seize if they are trying to follow you.


Opera VPN stops ad trackers and lets you replace your virtual place. Unblock more content and access your best sites and applications from anywhere – fully free.

With Opera VPN, you get:

  • One of the quickest, most reliable VPN services
  • The capability to determine WiFi network security level, as well as link encryption and security from threats
  • Unblocked access through your choice of 5 virtual places
  • A built-in ad tracker blocker to prevent advertisers from following you around the website.
  • Opera VPN is one of the top and quickest ways to access more of your favorite internet content for free. With super-quick VPN servers and other premium specs included for free, VPN Opera is a clever choice for you.


Hotspot shield a free program that permits you to safe your connection while browsing WiFi hotspots and to access websites not generally accessible out of the USA, like Pandora and Hulu.
To safe your online connection, Hotspot shields make a virtual private network (a safe link, generally abbreviated to VPN) between your PC and the Hotspot shield developers site, Anchorfree, based in America. This link makes site think that you are based in America.



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