Blogging Can Help To Rank A Flash Site

Search engines, particularly Google, can now read and rank Flash sites, at least some of them. However, if your site is built around Flash and is not ranking, then perhaps installing a blog and spending some time blogging could help to give your site a ranking.

Be sure you blog is installed as a sub folder to your main site. Create as much content as possible and undertake all the SEO requirements to get a blog ranked. This includes directory submission, social bookmarking, perhaps social interaction through forums and link building.

As your blog starts to climb up the search engine rankings, the rankings will flow on to your flash pages as well. Judicious use of links from your blog pages back to your main site will also help.

Flash sites have been popular and often look good. Over the years their biggest problem has been in trying to get them to appear in the search results. Blogging can be good for all websites if done cleverly, they can be very beneficial to sites built using flash.

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