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Wedding chair and table decorations? Just be creative!

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016

Wedding chair and table decorations? Just be creative!

Everything seems so magical on your big day especially when you finally to see the output of your dream wedding that you have planned for so long. The food and venue along with the perfect decorations to go with it. Oh yes, the decorations! It is one of the most exciting parts while you are planning the wedding since you get to choose what your creative mind can come up with different ideas especially if you are into arts and crafts, you will surely have fun on this one.

One of the highlights on the wedding reception venue are the tables and chairs because not only that they are the first or second things to see when you enter the setting but it is where your guests will spend most of their time during the whole reception and of course, you should also make them feel the worth of sitting on your awesome day. Moreover, decorating the chairs and tables should follow also the theme of your wedding since these are the majority that occupies the entire venue so better be particular on choosing your decorations.

“Dress us up like the bride!” sincerely, chairs

 It is a must to pay attention to every little detail while planning your wedding so that the event can turn out the colorful wedding you wanted it to be. Don’t just stick to plain looking and beat up chairs like you see on the streets. How cheap is that? Cover them up with the perfect cloth! Chair covers add beauty and a sweet elegant touch to your wedding as they turn the venue and create a good impression by giving your special day a classy look that will be worth taking a picture of.  For cool ideas about chair covers see

Give those chairs a makeover; try using satin or taffeta as covers to give more room for elegance. Remember also that the choice of cloth for your chairs should also incorporate with the tables in order to have a consistency with the textures and also, it is budget friendly.

“Free your mind, don’t get stuck but don’t overdo it”

Chairs being covered with cloth tied together with a ribbon at the back. Yeah, yeah admit it you have seen a lot of those kind of wedding decorations already but if you feel that you want to stick with that idea then feel free to do so, it is still a significant detail on the reception. However, if you have something in mind, which you feel that you want an extraordinary concept for the covers then do not limit your ideas. Break the mainstream! For example, if you are planning a bohemian theme wedding then instead of ribbons being tied at the back of the chairs, you can try using beads or tassels but remember, while going on with the idea of not using ribbons, make sure that the details should be at the back of the chair not on the part where the person leans his or her back.  Always put in mind that comfort should also be a priority on the event. Do not exaggerate the decorations. Learn how to balance as well.

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