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Popular Packages Offered by UK DJ Companies

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016

Popular Packages Offered by UK DJ Companies

After choosing a particular DJ company in the UK such as another big decision is about which package to select. This will help to add a certain flavour to the event. Different DJ companies have different packages, but there are certainly ones that are quite common among customers. Here are some of them:

  1. Retro Show

This is definitely one of the most popular packages provided by DJ companies. It can be enjoyed by guests who lived during the era featured in the show, as well as younger generations that enjoy retro things. Small retro shows are great for pubs and clubs in particular. The key to retro shows is that what was old is new again. This can be on different scales and for different decades. However, what’s key is that what was once old is new again. This is definitely a great feature for anyone who wants to enjoy old-school tunes.

  1. Star Cloths

This is an interesting and popular event. Instead of a boring and common wall in the background, it provides a wall of stars. When combined with laser lighting it can provide quite an amazing effect. This is easily one of the most amazing types of packages to choose from. It’s a great option for weddings but can also be effective for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The guests will enjoy doing their favourite moves on the dance floor with the special backdrop that will help them to feel like stars. This is easily one of the most amazing options in terms of backgrounds available.

  1. 70s/80s Retro

In terms of music these are some of the most popular decades. These packages typically include special lighting that takes the guests back to the eras of bell-bottoms and MTV. In fact, the music from these decades never seems to get old. Guests who lived through the decades and even younger generations can both enjoy the tunes from the two decades. For a moment in time they’ll be taken back in a time machine of sorts that lets them enjoy some great old-school music. Besides that, the lighting will help to add an extra level of retro-ness to make the event the best it can be. There are many packages to choose from when hiring a DJ, but this is definitely one of the best ones. Think about which songs you’d like to hear.

  1. Laser Show

When combined with a smoke machine this can provide one of the most amazing experiences available at events featuring a DJ. Dancing can certainly be a great part of any event. However, it can be even better when colourful lights zip through the air as people boogie down on the dance floor. It goes without saying that the laser show can’t replace the actual music that the DJ plays. However, it can certainly enhance the experience and make a wedding, birthday, or other event even better. That’s why you should consider looking for DJ companies that provide this sort of package, as it can make any event the best it can be.